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Ipollo G1 42Gps Miner For Sale Whatsapp: +86-177-1057-9540 Model G1 from iPollo mining Cuckatoo32 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 36GPS for a power consumption of 2800W. This is a mining device designed and manufactured by the company Ipollo, and it has two algorithms with which it works. It has a maximum hash rate of about 160Gps. The Ipollo device was developed to have a power consumption of 2884W. This power consumption contributes to the efficiency of the device. It is equipped with 30 12nm FinFET ASIC chips. iPollo G1 Review This mining device, after setup, mines and runs efficiently after it has been set up. It mines with two algorithms (Cuckatoo32+, Cuckatoo31+). The device is set to be released in December 2020. It comes with a noise level of 70db, which is low compared to other ASIC miners that come with the 75-82db noise level. But this noise level also does not affect the mining process of the device. It comes with an efficiency rate of 18,025j/kGps. It works over Ethernet connections. The only shortcomings of this device are that it has a fluctuating power consumption. But the manufacturers confirmed the power consumption to be 2800W. It is advised to equip the device with a power supply of about 3500W because of its fluctuating power consumption rate. When the inlet temperature of the device is at 32degrees, the mining device's air outlet becomes 46.4degrees, with a temperature range of 14.4degree, which is regarded to be in the normal range. The Ipollo G1 grin is equipped with 30 12nm FinFET ASIC chips of mode G22. This grin chip has a built inefficient Cuckatoo cycle computing core. The chip has an area of 38x38nm. This chip is the world's first dedicated chip that supports grin. It is also the only chip. The Ipollo G1 uses the four 1438B DC12V 5A cooling fans to dissipate heat from the mining device during the mining process. The Ipollo g1 grin mining device's birth has stimulated miners' enthusiasm for the grin community, and not only that, but it has also created an incentive for the grin community. It is believed that the release of the grin mining machine might eventually lead to the ASIC era. Specifications Manufacturer: iPollo Model: G1 Also known as: Nano labs iPollo G1 Grin Miner Release: December 2020 Size: 158 x 350 x 355mm Weight: 19000g Chip boards: 3 Chip name: FinFET Chip size: 12nm Chip count: 30 Noise level: 75db Cooling: Fan Fan(s): 4 Power: 2800W Voltage: 12V Interface: Ethernet Temperature: 5 - 40 °C Humidity: 5 - 95 % Noise level of Ipollo The Ipollo has a noise level of 70d, the device has a high-efficiency rate, and so it can be seen that the device is also profitable when mining. The manufacturers provided four fans that act as a cooling agent for the device. The four fans also act by dissipating the heat that is being produced in the machine when it is mining the coins. Power consumption of Ipolo G1 The Ipollo consumes about 2884W of power. For its device, the power supply shows that the device consumes electric power. Although not as high as the other mining devices, the power consumption will require the miner to invest money into getting power supply. Profitability also will be affected. The device has a shortcoming; its power consumption fluctuates between 2000 - 3000W and is determined to be 2884W by the manufacturers. The fact that the power consumption fluctuates for this device is why the power supply needed for this device is at 3500W. The profitability of Ipollo G1 The Ipollo is one of the very profitable mining devices. The device mines Grin and have a profitability per day of $10.72, and it has a profitability of $321.61 per month and a profitability of $3,859.34 per year. However, this can be affected by the cost of the power supply or the machine's efficiency, or the market price when mining is being done. It is advisable for new miners to factor in the electric cost needed to get this device's needed power consumption. Note that the profitability above for this machine can change based on the factors listed above. Also, for new miners who want to start mining, this can be a great choice. Brand New Grin Asic Miner Ipollo G1, buy ipollo g1 mini, Buy iPollo G1 Mini at Lowest Price, ipollo g1 miner, ipollo g1 miner price, ipollo g1 miner profitability, ipollo g1 mini, ipollo g1 mini ebay, ipollo g1 mini grin miner, Ipollo G1 Mini Grin Miner with PSU, Ipollo G1 Mini Grin Miner with PSU for sale, ipollo g1 mini miner price in india, ipollo g1 mini price, ipollo g1 mini price in pakistan, Ipollo G1 Mini Suppliers, ipollo g1 mini website, ipollo g1 profitability, ipollo g1-mini for sale, ipollo miner, ipollo miner for sale, ipollo pineapple miner g1 mini for sale, Nano labs iPollo G1 Grin Miner


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